10 recommendations for church leaders

  1. We need to pray for the Church in our nation. We are faced with an enormous challenge but also great opportunities. Simply improving our skills or commitment will not be enough, we need God’s intervention, prayer alongside any action is essential.
  2. Resurrection is recognised by so many people but they clearly don’t recognise the impact it has on their lives. Let’s together increasingly highlight the significance of Easter and its implications for all those in England.
  3. We are liked. Let’s recognise this and inspire confidence as a result of it, challenging the prevailing negative media image of Christians. But let’s also consider how we can build on people’s positive feelings about us to connecting with their spiritual welfare and relationship with God.
  4. Let’s encourage our congregations to prioritise talking about Jesus to our friends and family – one in five of them are open to him.
  5. Let’s prioritise reaching the millennial generation who are open, and also the over-65s who are less likely to have had a conversation with Jesus.
  6. Churches/denominations/networks should consider tracking your community’s commitment to sharing their life and faith with those who don’t know Jesus (tracking tools are available).
  7. Let’s discuss in our churches how we can establish as our top priority the ‘making of Jesus known’ to those who don’t know him and we encourage the telling of stories as to how those conversations take place.
  8. Let’s find ways to support Christian parents in their key role in encouraging their children to become followers of Jesus.
  9. Let’s seriously consider the implication of the survey’s findings on the main influences in people becoming Christians and how that should impact on our church life.
  10. Let’s think about how we can reach those who don't know any practising Christians?